The Seven S's of Shelf Styling

One of our favorite things here at Idea Source is styling shelves for our clients – which is documented as a “shelfie” on our social media pages! Here are our seven go-to shelf styling tips!

1 – Sentiment

Keep your shelves personal by including picture frames displaying photographs and setting out special artifacts that have deeper meaning, like a piece you purchased on a vacation or trip.


2 – Storage

Use baskets, boxes, glass jars, and more to keep those less appealing items tucked away. This decreases the look of clutter on your shelves and makes them seem much more minimalistic.


3 – Separation

Don’t over stack your shelves! Use items such as bookends to clump types of things together and create individual spaces within each shelf. These small clusters will combine to create a laid out, clean shelving unit


4 – Shrubbery

Adding greenery (whether real or fake for those of us with less of a green thumb) is always a great way to add liveliness to a still space. Plants are also great for separation and breaking up the clusters of other items stored.

Cute pots and planters add a touch of texture or color and can enhance the aesthetic of your display.

5 – Shape

Finding textured and heavily figured pieces adds creativity to a shelving display. Fun, colorful candlesticks add weight, height, and a little spark of scent to your space. 

6 – Shine

Be it metal or glass, a little shine goes a long way. Add in key colors or patterns with cool vases and ceramic pieces. Show off the sophistication by combining your favorite metal tone with the rest of your shelf décor


7 – Spunk

This part is all about the little knick-knacks that you love. Tiny little caricatures or critters (like a miniature statue of your favorite animal) make great stackable items. 

Make it even more personal by adding in your initial or a special hand painted sign with your family name. Remember that these shelves are for you to see every day so keep adding in key elements that are special to you as time progresses!

Want more help with shelf styling? Contact us to make an appointment and we can come help!