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Nancy Rankin, CEO

Nancy Rankin’s 25 years of design, sales, and management experience has culminated in a variety of design based ventures.  As owner and CEO of Blooms by Essential Details, Huber Décor and Idea Source, she enjoys building relationships to develop and maintain national accounts while also working to promote small, local and independent businesses.  Nancy has a special interest in supporting other women entrepreneurs and in mentoring young professionals. She received her B.A. in Merchandising Apparel and Textiles with a minor in Economics from the University of Kentucky. Her flair for cultivating creativity and individual style is apparent in the unique culture reflected by all of her successful businesses. Nancy, her husband, Danny, and their two children live in a log home in rural Shelby County where they frequently host events for family and friends.  The Rankins are also avid youth and college sports enthusiasts and enjoy various church activities.

Q:   Which would you prefer as a second home: mountain cabin, beach house or big city condo?

A:   I live in a cabin already and I am not much of a beach person.  I would go with a warehouse style loft or old house type condo in a cool city like Denver or New Orleans.

Q:   What is your least favorite household chore and why?

A:   I HATE to garden/landscape unless it is cutting flowers to arrange or picking fresh vegetables which my husband has grown.

Q:   If you could own only 1 pair of shoes what would they be and why?

A:   I can’t imagine such a terrible, sad predicament….you might as well ask me to choose between my children…can’t be done!

Q:   If you were given $100 dollars how would you spend it?

A:   $10 to church, $50 for a Mexican Restaurant meal with my family as that is something we love to do together, $30 for a pedicure and $10 to shop at a thrift/junk store.

Q:   What is your greatest fear? 

A:   To be ordinary and/ or average!

Shawn Mouser, Controller

Shawn Mouser is a financial controller with over 15 years of experience in all areas of accounting for diverse industries including interior design, retail, steel, vending and a private country club. Her expertise and work with a variety of software systems reinforce her continued goal to strengthen workflow production improvement, budgeting, research, proble- solving and workforce management. Shawn has a B.A. in Business from Midway College where she solidified her enthusiasm for continued education.  She lives with her husband and two daughters in a small, rural community and enjoys reading, traveling and sports.

Q:   What is your greatest guilty pleasure?

A:   I love to eat the chocolate coating off of a swiss cake roll then unroll the cake and eat it with a fork.

Q:   What is the most bizarre thing that has happened to you on a business trip?

A:   Nancy and I went to a convention for employees of NPC to participate in a vendor show at Orange Beach, AL.  We had a couple of hours to kill so we decided we would lay in the sun by the pool.  So there we are, in bathing suits, in April (you can imagine how we would already be rockin’ a super tan, not) and we end up getting chairs right in the pathway of where all the people participating in the convention walked single file within two feet of us.  There must have been 500 plus of them and these are our customers.  I told Nancy to not move.  I figured playing dead was our best defense.  How embarrassing!!  No worries though, my lanyard said “hello, my name is Susan Zehnder.” I had taken her place at the last minute. HA!!

Q:   What expression do you use far too often?

A:   “This doesn’t make any sense”  which also happens to be a fairly accurate summary of my job.

Q:   What is the best pick up line you have ever used that worked?

A:   I don’t think I’ve ever used one but my husband picked me up by saying to me, “Hey, are you gonna be stuck-up or are you gonna talk to me?” We celebrated our 20th anniversary this year.

Q:   If you could own only 1 pair of shoes what would they be and why?

A:   Flip flops……….. the beach, summer…………..’nuff said.

Ben Palmer-Ball, Architect