"The E-town décor looks fabulous.  We have already received so many great compliments about it.  People are already saying they know various students in the photos.  And we’ve already had several military customers, in fatigues, noticing the military and Ft. Knox references.  Great job team!"

J Gillenwater

"I want to personally thank each of you for your role in the process that created all of the wonderful décor in the new restaurant.  It looks fabulous.  This was our first “in-line” space with two demising walls to deal with, plus a unique rear entrance.  I appreciate all of the help and support you guys gave us to do another good job.  We opened the restaurant today, and we are getting lots of good comments from our guests.  I interviewed with Business First the other day and threw your name in there to say what a good job you guys always do, and I invited their photographer to come our and take photos, and I think they are going to do it – depending on the layout of their article and available space.  Thanks again for a great job."
J Gillenwater

"I want to thank you for all the hard work your team did on the store. It looks GREAT. It is nice to work with people who have a great attitude and the desire to turn out a good product. Again thank you and look forward with working with you in the future."

B Carman
Kelley Construction Inc.

Just thought you all might want to see what a beautiful store it turned out to be with all of your help.  Thanks for an outstanding job.

S Vanns